The Art of Stephen Smith


“Walking into what local artist Steve Smith calls the “Flavor City Studios” at 45 Harrison Street, you realize this place is the real deal. The place smells like art. Artwork covers the walls. Canvasses are stacked at least 20 deep waiting for the art lover’s eyes. Steve is very involved in several Oak Park art organizations. He’s an active member of Oak Park Arts District and the Oak Park Art League. Previously, he attended the American Academy of Art and The Village Art School in Skokie.”


- Visit With Steve Smith, OakPark-RiverForest Patch, April 20, 2012

Steve is very involved in the Oak Park art scene. He’s an active member and instructor in the Oak Park Arts District and the Oak Park Art League. He has exhibited with the Skokie Art Guide, Flavor City Studio and Gallery, Oak Park Art League, Trattoria 225, Third Friday Gallery, Brickton Art Center, Highland Park Art Center, The Next Picture Show, House Red, Dene Gallery, Harrison Works, and the Oak Park Public Library.



For more information on my art, please contact me at 847-525-3485 or email me at